Beginning Bloodlines

How does Sydney apply blush with that creepy tattoo in the way?

Forever may have been the next book on my to-read list, but once I saw Bloodlines,  Richelle Mead‘s latest foray into the world set forth in the Vampire Academy series, on the shelves at Target, Sam and his wolfy friends didn’t stand a chance.  I held off reading to take care of some hurricane-related things, but jumped in as soon as I could and I’m immediately loving it.  I can’t wait to get to this shocking ending that’s been buzzing around the internets, but now the big finale runs the risk of becoming overhyped and not living up to my expectations.  So here’s a quick list to remind myself of why I’m loving Bloodlines so far, in case I need it later.

  • Sydney’s life is much more complicated than it seemed in VA.  And, thank God or she’d be the most boring heroine ever.
  • Adrian!  Need I say more?  Thought not.
  • The creepy glass eye dude makes me get all sentimental and think of Mad Eye Moody. (RIP big guy)
  • Eddie is back too and will most likely be even more badass than he was in Last Sacrifice.


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