I Lived through the VMAs

Last night I did something no one my age would dare to do sober: I watched the VMAs.  Why on God’s green Earth would I do something so insane?  It’s all for The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss, introduced an eagerly awaited teaser trailer.  And, like any good little admin would, I took part in the festivities on my fan page’s Facebook page.

Reaction from the fans on the teaser has been mixed.  Personally, I love it.  You can feel the tension, Gale’s voice over made my heart ache a little, and Jennifer looks fierce with that bow and arrow.  Plus, the arrow shooting out into the pin and capping it all off with Rue’s whistle made my blood pump a little faster.  This movie is going to kick ass and I can’t wait until they give us more!


One comment

  1. That’s why I was drinking Watermelon Vodka! Made the entire show much more enjoyable. My Twimom even enjoyed it!

    I loved the teaser trailer! It did just what any good tease is supposed to, left you wanting more!

    Team Gale!!

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