Chocolate Pairings Make My Heart Sing

This weekend I attended an ice cream making class that was completely different from what I expected.  It was less ice cream (we didn’t make it, the place made some fresh for us while we did other things) and LOTS of chocolate.  While I did not learn any of the things I thought I was going to walk away with, I did get to experience some interesting taste combinations that I would never have tried on my own.  The first big winner of the day:

Chocolate, orange, and sea salt blend together to make my mouth melt. No orange around? Any citrus will do. Just add its zest by grating its rind.
Chocolate, olive oil, and sea salt sound like a nasty, melting mess, but are amazingly delicious.
Covering an Oreo in chocolate actually makes the icing less sweet…not what I expected.

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