Why Can’t Girls Have a Hangover?

Friday night I spent some quality chick flick time with my girls.  We watched Bridesmaids, which I ultimately like, but I’m always a little disappointed by it, too.

So funny, such a buzz kill

When Bridesmaids first came out in theaters, it seemed like the X-chromosome answer to The Hangover: a bunch of quirky ladies, impending nuptials, and a bachelorette party with wild shenanigans.  I LOVE The Hangover and was completely pumped to love Bridesmaids too, but I just can’t.  It may be the closest thing we have to a female Hangover, but they just aren’t equals.

Raunchy, wild, care-free fun is what The Hangover is all about.  Bridesmaids has about half the fun, because a bulk of its possible  good times were cut out so its creators could add in all this personal drama/downward spiral bs and a moral.  Why? Watching its main character suck at life wasn’t funny, it was pathetic and a buzz kill.  Women are capable of just wanting to laugh our asses off without needing a moral in the story. The Hangover didn’t get to be so amazingly popular by appealing to just men.  I would rather laugh for an hour and a half than cringe at a character pitifully embarrassing herself every 15  minutes.

What a fun, crazy movie should be.

And, the humor that was in Bridesmaids seemed out of place.  Over-the-top humor works in The Hangover because everything about that film is over the top.  In Bridesmaids, it shifts between funny and pathetic so often that the over-the-top comedy, like in the bridal shop, just seems contrived and out of place.

Here’s to hoping that Hollywood will finally make a hilarious movie with an all-female cast that I’m able to love.


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