Update Your Digs Cheaply

Short on cash but looking to update your furniture?  Try O’verlays.

The Danika O'verlay on a mirror.

Made to jazz up boring, plain pieces, especially IKEA furniture, O’verlays decorative panels that attach to furniture, mirrors, wall, you name it.  They are made with PVC foam composite, so the panels are lightweight, and they are paintable, so you can blend them in with the rest of your decor.   (O’verlays are white if left unpainted.)

The Gigi O'verlay is on the wall.

I love that the small panels start at only $2.25 and the most expensive ones are only $25.  And, if you avoid IKEA like the plague, you can have your O’verlays custom-sized to whatever specs you desire.

These drawers feature the Greek Key design.

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