My New Favorite Spa Treatment

There is nothing like the deep relaxation of a professional massage.  Aromatherapy has been my rub down of choice for a while now, but I think I may have to switch.  Tuesday I experienced my first reflexology massage and OMG it was heaven!

Reflexology is my new favorite spa treatment!

After work I headed over to Facelogic.  As a first time customer I was a little leery of giving a new place a try, but as I walked up to the door and saw the calming reception area, I quickly chilled.  Now, any spa treatment I’ve had has always been in a place with rooms, so when my masseuse walked me to a large back room with two rows of booths, I was a little freaked.  Mind you, the atmosphere was perfect: dark, calming music, nicely sceneted but not over powering.  The booths were all covered with thick curtains so you could not see in them, sort of like a fancy changing room.  While the set up is a little weird, I quickly warmed up to the booth.  You can’t hear anyone else in the room (and there at least 12 booths in there) and it’s as private as a room would be.

I went into the session knowing that reflexology focuses on pressure points in your feet and connect to other parts of your body.  Even though the concept sounded intriguing, I considered it a glorified foot rub and ignored the service in lieu of other spa treatments.  I greatly underestimated how amazing the experience would be.  My feet and calves were rubbed, stretched, and sugar scrubbed for 50 minutes while a hot cloth lay draped over my eyes.   Surprisingly, I ended up falling asleep and was just as relaxed and refreshed as if I had gone in for a full body.  This so much more than a uber-foot rub, and I am going back soon for another one.

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