Digital Frames Get Gallery Worthy

Ok, so my title is a tad melodramatic, but…  In college, I fell in love with art, which is why I’m alternately enthralled and repulsed by the idea of Samsung’s SM’ART Gallery Panels.  The panels are basically digital frames designed to show art, but they are higher resolution that a tv.  The picture quality is so much better that it replicates the artist’s original colors, vision, and texture.

Paintings that no longer require paint...

The SM’ART Gallery Panels will offer so much more exposure for up-and-coming artists and help make art accessible to everyone and the displays look stunning.  A part of me, however, is a little nervous about the road the panels could lead us down.  As someone who has yet to buy a Kindle because I like the feel of a bound book in my hands, I also prefer looking at and experiencing art on canvas or in a real–not virtual–3D form.  Instead of looking at a crisp line of color on a screen, I want to see the lines of the brush bristles in the paint.

The SM'ART Gallery Panels have color as vivid as the artists imagine.

What do artists think of the SM’ART Gallery Panels?  According to Chip Chick,

So far Samsung says that the artists they have approached have been very receptive to this technology because the displays are able to capture and recreate the artist’s vision so well.

Don’t expect to see a digital art gallery pop up in your hood too soon, though.

Samsung expects to bring the first Samsung SM’ART Gallery Panels to market this coming Spring or Summer. They wouldn’t go into details about pricing, but you can expect the first generation of SM’ART Gallery Panels to be expensive, and they are guaranteed to cost a lot more than your average LCD television.

It will be interesting to see if, especially in this economy, consumers accept them or if they will be strictly gallery purchases.


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