First a Massage, Now a Facial

Not to toot my own horn (but clearly, I’m going to), but apparently my skin rocks.  My second spa adventure of the week was an aloe-vera-seaweed-collagen facial at Facelogic, my new favorite day spa, for my friend’s birthday.  After I sat down in the changing room stall that was my spa room, the facialist looked over my skin and was full of compliments.  My skin’s elasticity was great, there’s no real sun damage, and my pores looked good.  Now, I’m no dummy and I know I have pretty good skin, but hearing a professional say it made my weekend!  I’m anal about skin care and only use Mary Kay products specifically because of this, so it’s good to know all my hard work is paying off.

I think I’m choosing a different type of facial the next time I get one, but here’s a quick run down of the process.  I closed my eyes that thank God I did, because almost as soon as I leaned my head back, hot steam shot out at me.  It was meant to open my pores, but it smelt funny and I wasn’t a fan.  I willed myself to relax, however, and soon my face and upper chest were covered in a hot towel wrap.  After my pores were sufficiently opened, my skin was cleaned, covered in a seaweed wrap, an enzyme mask that eats away dead skin cells (which didn’t tingle for me at all!), and tightened with a toner.  I went in with 2 big zits that were extracted, as were a couple of other areas, and it hurt!  If there’s any motivation to keep my skin cleans, it was so I don’t have to do any more extractions.  I also received scalp, facial, shoulder, and hand massages, which kept making me fall asleep.  God I love massages!  As a whole, the experience wasn’t as relaxing as the reflexology, but my skin was amazingly soft and smooth after the treatment.

If you have a Facelogic near you, they are running specials in the beginning of October for Spa Week.  I snagged an appointment for a $50 hot stone massage (be prepared for a recap of that treatment, too), but they also had facials, reflexology, and something else I can’t remember on the list.  Check it out!

I hope this isn't what I looked like in the seaweed wrap.

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