‘Clockwork Prince’ and ‘The Iron Knight’ Teasers

Both Cassandra Clare and Julie Kagawa released teasers for their upcoming novels causing YA fans across the Internet to explode with joy/lust/anticipation.

Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series, leads up to each book release with a new teaser made available each month.  October’s installment of The Clockwork Prince‘s excerpt features the main heroine, Tessa, Sophie, the rather unpleasant Gabriel Lightwood, and a surprising newcomer: Gabriel’s Shadowhunter brother, Gideon.  Gideon is seemingly much more mild mannered and easier on the eyes than his sibling, but I suppose it remains to be seen whether my assumptions hold true.

The teaser was topped with this adorable artwork by

Artwork by Charlotte Mattey

The voices were quite clearly those of the Lightwood brothers. Tessa recognized Gideon’s lower, rougher tones as he said, “There will be a moment of reckoning, Gabriel. You can depend upon it. What will matter is where we stand when it comes.”

Gabriel replied, his voice tense, “We will stand with Father, of course. Where else?”

“You don’t know everything about him, Gabriel. You don’t know all that he has done.”

There was a silence through which Tessa could almost hear Gabriel sulking. At last he said, “If you despise Father so much, why did you ever come back from Spain?”

Gideon replied, sounding exasperated, “I came back for you —”

Sophie and Tessa had been leaning against the door, ears pressed to the wood; at that moment, the door gave way, and swung open. Both straightened hastily, Tessa hoping that no evidence of their eavesdropping appeared on their faces.

Gabriel and Gideon were standing in a patch of light at the centre of the room, facing off against each other. Tessa noticed something she had not noticed before: Gabriel, despite being the younger brother, was lankily taller than Gideon by some inches. Gideon was more muscular, broader through the shoulders. He swept a hand through his sandy hair, nodding curtly to the girls as they appeared in the doorway. “Good day, Miss Collins, Miss Gray.”

A teaser trailer was recently released for Clockwork Prince, as well as a book tour for the novel’s December 6th release week.

If the fae are more your speed, Julie Kagawa‘s Iron Fey Series has its last novel, The Iron Knight, releasing soon–October 25th, actually.  To get you pumped for more Megan Chase, Ash, and Puck, Kagawa has also released a super short teaser.  I think she might do this every Tuesday.

“Having second thoughts?” Puck’s voice was soft and dangerous, a far cry from his normal flippancy. “I thought we’d put this behind us for now.”

The trailer for The Iron Knight has been out for a bit already and is simply beautiful.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to!  Now!!!  Fans of  Julie’s fae need not fear.  She has committed to continuing the build the world, but with a focus on Megan’s younger brother, since her story is essentially over.


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