Organic Peanut Butter Cups

Since I’ve started to eat organic, baking and making treats has become a little more difficult.  There’s no Whole Foods near my house and I need to bake when the inspiration strikes.  An ice cream making-class that was actually a chocolate tasting inspired me to make organic chocolate treats that I can enjoy without fearing all the pesticides, additives, and other crap most manufacturers have in their food.

I snagged a bar of All-Natural Smooth Milk Chocolate from Endangered Species and used peanut butter from Woodstock Farms.  Melting the chocolate was pretty easy.  I boiled some water, turned it down to medium-low, and put the chocolate squares in a heat-safe bowl over the hot water.  Getting the chocolate to be cool enough so I could handle it, but melted enough to spread in the mini-cupcake cups was another story.  The chocolate was a little hard to spread and I ended up flattening out all the cups.  Even the little crinkles were flattened out of them!  Flat cups do not make a good peanut butter cup, so I improvised by sticking each cup in a shot glass so it would get some sort of shape.  The result was very weird looking, but at least they’ll taste good.  Once each cup was safely lodged in a glass, I stuck them in the fridge and turned to the filling.

Smoothing melted chocolate was surprisingly difficult. Good thing I own a shot glass or two.

Apparently, you don’t just stick peanut butter in the middle of these bad boys.  The instructions I found called for 1 cup of peanut butter to be mixed with 1/2 cup of confectioner’s sugar, and some vanilla.  I do not have organic sugar or vanilla and I was not in the mood to go out and buy any.  If you’re interested in trying this the right way, here’s The Hungry Mouse’s recipe.  I just used peanut butter.  It tastes good, but is a little too soft and not quite sweet enough.  I see the importance of the sugar, but at the time, I just wasn’t in the mood.

Peanut butter and chocolate shots!

So the chocolate cooled, I put peanut butter in the middle of each cup, and it was time to top them off with more chocolate.  Well, if I had trouble getting the chocolate to the right consistency before, it wasn’t any easier now.  My only saving grace was that it was easier to mush the chocolate on the peanut butter because I didn’t have to worry about the shape.  Back in the fridge the treats went, and the next morning I tested them out.  They turned out just fine despite the weird chocolate consistency and the lack of sugar.  Yum!

God these things look weird.  But, I was cool with it as long as they tasted good.

Note: To keep the treats firm, they need to be kept in the fridge.  At room temperature, they are just waaay too gooey!

Yum! Not the easiest treat I’ve made, but the deliciousness was worth it.

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