Clary and Sebastian?

The November teaser for The City of Lost Souls was put up on Cassandra Clare’s tumblr today and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

“Why did you?” Clary asked.

“Why did I what?”

“Help me back there.”

“You’re my sister.”

She swallowed. In the morning light, Sebastian’s face had some color in it. There were faint burns along his neck where demon ichor had splashed him. “You never cared that I was your sister before.”

“Didn’t I?” His black eyes flicked up and down her. “Our father’s dead,” he said. “There are no other relatives. You and I, we are the last. The last of the Morgensterns. You are the only one left whose blood runs in my veins, too. You are my last chance.”

Sebastian and Clary? Sebastian wanting to function as an actual family?  No, no, no. If he turns into some sympathetic bad boy that everyone starts to fall for, I’m going to puke. I was looking forward to Sebastian as the next Valentine, but with less charisma and more of a psychopathically homicidal manner.  Jace is already everyone’s favorite bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold, let’s keep it that way.



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