I Breathe Himalayan Salt and Like It

My allergies annoy the hell out of me.  They don’t just bother me in the spring and fall, they are a year-round nuisance. So, when GroupOn offered a deal on a Himalayan Salt Room Halotherapy treatment, I hit scooped that bad boy up. Even though I had no clue what halotherapy means.

This picture does not do that cool room justice. At all.

When I got to the Body N Balance, I was ushered into one of the coolest looking rooms I’ve ever seen in a spa. The treatment room mimics the clinics built in salt caves in Europe and the Middle East. The walls are covered in Himalayan salt rock and there is a thick layer of ground Himalayan salt on the floor. Under the ground salt are cool, swirling lights that make the darkened room look a little like an alien planet. (Side note: you have to wear socks into the room because the acids in our skin deteriorates the salt.) Five reclining chairs that I thought were just beach chairs (but the proved to be very comf) are lined up in the room with the softest, white fuzzy blankets to cuddle up with. I also got one of those bean bag things you can heat up to cuddle and promptly relaxed.

A machine (that you can’t hear) grinds up more Himalayan salt and shoots a fine mist into the room for you to inhale while you meditate. It was very relaxing, but the icing on the cake? Body N Balance offers foot massages while you get the halotherapy. After a mere 5 minutes of getting my tootsies rubbed down, I passed out. I awoke refreshed, energized, and breathing a little easier.

Body N Balance is one of the few (like 12) clinics in the nation to offer salt room treatments. Salt room therapy can help asthma, sinusitis, COPD, chronic ear infections, sleep problems, eczema, psoriasis, acne, arthritis pain, depression, and other ailments.


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