Topping Off the Weekend with Wine

What better way to end a holiday weekend that with a trip to a winery? My friend and I trekked out to Bucks County, PA to check out a VIP tour of the Sand Castle Winery in Erwinna.

The drive, which included going through part of New Hope–an absolute nightmare when it’s a nice weekend–was beautiful but looong. Sand Castle is right off the Delaware River on the top of a mountain, so you get gorgeous river and forest views, picturesque little towns to drive by, and twisty and windy little roads that can be a little scary.

As you pull up the very steep driveway and enter the grounds, you quickly realize where the Sand Castle Winery gets its name–the main building looks like a small castle. The grounds and the interior of the building are beautiful and I made a mental note to consider it if I get married.

Since we were late (this is me after all), we were ushered upstairs quickly. A group of about 20 sat at a long table and had just begun the educational  part of the tasting and food pairing. It was fabulous! We tried 12 wines and had pairings with almost every one. Our guide, Joseph, is one of the owners and perfect for the job. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is also funny and down to earth. I’m not a white wine fan but fell in love with one of their Chardonnays (made in the oak barrel, not the metal) and bought a Reisling that is the sexiest wine I have ever had. One sip and my friend exclaimed, “This is the kind of wine you drink with a hot guy!” And it is.

The tour was a little shorter than I expected. We did not look at any of the grounds, we just went to the basement to check out where the wine is made. The process and the machines/barrels/metal  vats were explained and shown to us, but it would have been nice to see some of the vineyard even if it is just all grapes.

I think there are almost 20 wineries in the Delaware Valley and now I need to hit them all up. I hope they all live up the the high expectations I have after visiting Sand Castle.

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