Playtime at Grounds for Sculpture

This beautiful display was hidden at the end of an unpaved path that went through a bamboo forest. I'm a huge Rousseau fan and love this piece. The sculptor even included a full moon.

A horse carriage ride through a Winter Wonderland and then dinner. Sounds like a romantic date, right? Well it was. Sort of. Except that it wasn’t really a date and the carriage ride sold out right before we got to the ticket booth. But, I ended up liking Grounds for Sculpture anyway even though I started the trip out in a pretty pissy mood.

The actual grounds are pretty large and set up with a lot of nooks and crannies for surprise installments. It got dark as we were exploring the place, so it became kind of spooky. They could do a really kick ass Halloween walk there if they wanted.  A lot of decoration wouldn’t even be necessary since the shadows from the paths, trees, and sculpture provide an eerie atmosphere on their own.

One of the highlights of the trip was not the artwork, but the warming hut. Hidden down a small path by a pond, this hut is reminiscent of a sauna, but without the steam. It has the same cedar smell, but the heat is drier and there is a fireplace that you can smell all over the place while you frolick in the cold.

Aside from my annoyance with the rapid ticket sell out for the horse-drawn carriages (which were really hay ride carts–wtf?), I was also a little disappointed by the “Winter Wonderland.” The outside of the grounds was decorated with a lot of beautiful lights, but inside it was pretty scarce. Unless I missed a section, there were a few trees with lights and that’s really it. My front yard was as much of a Winter Wonderland, and I don’t have to pay money to see it.

All-in-all, however, I loved the Grounds for Sculpture experience and am excited to back.

One of the few light displays viewed from a cute balcony above the restrooms. Note the sculptures at the tables and the horse-drawn hayride.

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