My Skin Is Silky and Soft Because I Make My Own Sugar Scrubs

Who wants to start off the new year with scaly, dry skin? Not this princess! Plus, part of my NYE prep for this year included a spray tan, so exfoliation was a must. Since I’ve gotten into a bit of a DIY mode lately, I decided to make my own sugar scrub instead of using a store-bought body scrub. Using a simple recipe I found on Instructables, I made this concoction:


1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 cup sugar in the raw (Sugar in the raw is best for tough spots that need some extra work, but you can use granulated or brown sugar to make the scrub a little softer.)

Simply combine your ingredients and voila, silky smooth skin is yours. I found that my skin was left feeling a little oily afterwards, so I prefer to use it and then use my body wash to help rinse it off.

If you’d prefer to play with the ingredients, you can make a fancier scrub.

Adding essential oils for scent is one option. Using sweet almond or coconut oil instead of olive oil, replacing 1 tsp to 1Tbsp of the olive oil with jojoba oil, or replacing 1 tsp of the olive oil with vitamin E oil will change the smell of your scrub.

Another ingredient option is herbs like mint, lavender, chamomile, thyme, and rosemary. I added some clementine juice for extra exfoliation and the delicious citrus scent. If you prefer extra moisturization, you could also add a little aloe vera gel. Including ground hibiscus powder will color your mixture pink.

Just experiment and have fun!

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