Bye Bye Sulfites, Hello Wine

Photo Credit: Whole Foods

What’s a girl to do when the sulfites in red wine give you a nasty headache? Head to Whole Foods. (Skipping the wine is clearly just not an option.)

Late last week, Whole Foods announced that it is the first American retailer to sell USDA-certified organic wines no sulfites added (NSA). Their current selection includes Spartico Organic Tempranillo from Bodegas Iranzo, and La Cantina Pizzolato Organic Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Rosso Convento. Each bottle is priced at a very reasonable $13.

Here are some tasting notes on Whole Food’s organic wine selection:

Spartico Organic Tempranillo – this fruity, medium-bodied violet black wine has smoky, salty nut aromas with sugared berry sweetness and tartness with a firm powdery tannin finish.

La Cantina Pizzolato Organic Merlot – with aromas of smoked nuts and spicy raspberries, this deep ruby red is a dry, yet fruity medium bodied wine with good balance.

La Cantina Pizzolato Organic Cabernet Sauvignon – this dry, medium-to-full bodied wine has aromas of honey-roasted pineapple and roasted green pepper, with hints of tangy cranberry notes.

La Cantina Organic Rosso Convento – a medium-bodied blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, the Convento has pleasant aromas of black raspberry and plums, with baked apple and spice notes, with a toasty cedar finish.

via Organic Authority



  1. We have a place here that sells and serves only sulfur free wines and that’s almost all we drink now. We never ever have a day after headache!!

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