Manga Mania with ‘Shay’s Story’ and ‘Clockwork Angel’

YA authors turning their novels into graphic novels is a trend I can get behind! I’m a big fan of the Vampire Academy and Twilight graphic novels and am looking forward to reading Frostbite and Hush Hush.

Scott Westerfeld is taking a fresh spin on this trend by using his Uglies-based graphic novel to focus on Shay’s side of the story. According to his blog, the aptly named Shay’s Story was created by the following team:

The art is by Steven Cummings, who you can follow on Twitter, or check out on Deviant art. The toning and lettering are by Yishan Li. Text by me and Devin Grayson.

Look for it in stores on February 28th. (If you want to see more character reveals, Scott is revealing one character each week on his blog until the book is available.)

Update: Due to paper shortages, Shay’s Story will now hit on March 6th.

Croy from "Shay's Story"
Zane as an Ugly in 'Shay's Story"

Cassandra Clare is in the process of having her novels reworked as graphic novels. There has been talk and images from The Mortal Instruments for what seems like years, and now some of the graphics from the graphic format of The Infernal Devices is being revealed. According to The Mortal Instruments Source, Yen Press has released images from the second chapter of The Clockwork Angel, which is slated to come out this December. (Yes, it’s almost a year away! 😦

The Silent Brother looks so creepy! I can’t wait to see the rest of the book.


Westerfeld has revealed Tally.

David has been revealed, as well.

And Dr. Cable.

Scott is also revealing some of the settings, like the Rusty Ruins.


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