The Next Comedienne Memoir: Sarah Colonna

Another of my girl crushes, Sarah Colonna, is publishing her memoirs! Taking a page from her boss, friend, and another-one-of-my-girl-crushes Chelsea Handler, Colonna’s book is called Life as I Blow It: Tales of Life, Love, & Sex…Not Necessarily in that Order and is set to be released on February 7th. Life as I Blow It includes a forward written by Handler and over 200 pages of stories about Colonna’s partying and love life, among other things. If it’s anything like Colonna’s stand up, the book promises to be funnier, but a little harsher and more graphic than Handler’s works.  I wonder which of the Chelsea Lately staff is stepping up to the author’s chair next?

The synopsis from Goodreads:

In this wickedly funny and irreverent memoir, Chelsea Lately writer and comedian Sarah Colonna opens up about love, life, and pursuing her dreams . . . and then screwing it all up. 

Sarah believes we all struggle to grow up. Sometimes we want to have fun, not take things too seriously, and have that fourth margarita. Other times we would like to get married, stay in, order Chinese food, and have a responsible, secure life.

From her formative years in small-town Arkansas to a later career of dates, drinks, and questionable day jobs, Colonna attempts to reconcile her responsible side with her fun-loving side. Sometimes this pans out, and sometimes she finds herself in Mexico handing out her phone number to anyone who calls her pretty. She moves to Los Angeles to pursue acting, but for years is forced to hone her bartending skills; she wants a serious boyfriend, but won’t give up nights at the bar with her friends. She tries to behave like an adult, but can’t seem to stop acting like a frat boy. In the end, she discovers that there doesn’t have to be just one or the other. And if there’s one thing Colonna has learned from her many missteps, it’s that hindsight is always 100 proof.

via Live to Read

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