Cocktails and Characters: Vampire Academy’s Rose Hathaway

Relaxing with a cocktail and reading. Two of my favorite things! So how could I resist combining them? I couldn’t and Cocktails and Characters was born. My first book-based drink was inspired by Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy and its heroine, Rose Hathaway.

It isn’t until the end of the book that Viktor Dashkov confirms what we suspect: Rose is “shadow-kissed” like St. Vladmir’s beloved guardian Anna.

In honor of Rose, the drink (well, this one is a shot) I chose to represent her is the Black Rose. It’s strong, pretty, and kicks your ass, just like its namesake.

To make a Black Rose, just pour 3/4 oz. of Tequila Rose in a shot glass and then float 3/4 oz. of Blavod vodka on top. You can substitute the Blavod for another vodka brand, but you will lose the black coloring that makes this shot so unique. When it hits the Tequila Rose they initially combine into a weird gray color, but then you can watch them separate into two separate layers.

The shot really is pretty and my picture doesn’t do it justice. I may have needed to add more of the Blavod on top (I didn’t bother measuring amounts), because the shot was mainly a pinkish grey with a little pink and black at the bottom and top, respectively.

As for taste, the Tequila Rose looks like Quik’s Strawberry Milk and has a delightful strawberry cream flavor. The Blavod may be black, but it tastes similar to its clear cousins. It’s also the first thing you taste when the shot hits your mouth, making it a little harsh. I was glad to have my chaser.

If you haven’t read Vampire Academy yet, I highly suggest it. It is also available as a pretty awesome graphic novel.


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