Review: Twilight the Graphic Novel, Volume 2

The wait for Stephenie Meyer’s second volume of Twilight the Graphic Novel seemed to take forever, and it also seemed to be released with much less fanfare than its predecessor. But even if the media was less enthused about this sequel, my excitement was at pretty much the same level for both books.

Young Kim’s artwork is just as beautiful in this volume of the story. I love the use of color for flashbacks and to highlight important details instead of full color throughout the book, which may have been overwhelming since so much is going on. My only complaint with the illustrations is that James is too good looking, but that’s a pretty nit-picky detail.

The adaptation of the story to the graphic format was well done, too. I found that I enjoyed Bella a lot more than I did in the novel, because I was spared her inner monologues on Edward’s perfection and her lowliness. All of her other emotions were expressed very clearly wordlessly, however, so you can follow the story easy even though it contains only a fraction of the words.

The story picks up from Volume 1 with Bella’s discovery of Edward’s nighttime visits before they began dating and includes all of the events in the second half of the Twilight novel. While we were treated to the much-anticipated meadow scene in the first volume, this book includes fan favorites such as meeting the Cullens, the back stories for Carslile, Esme, Rose, and Alice, Bella’s showdown with Billy Black, vampire baseball, and the prom.

All in all, Twilight the Graphic Novel Volume 2 is worth the read by old fans as well as Twilight newbies. Seasoned Stephenie Meyer readers will find a new way to engage with a favorite story while those new to the Bella Swan’s world will have an introduction that includes all the basic plot points without too much extra detail.

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