gallery Organic Banana Bread

This weekend I decided to have a cocktail and do a little baking. I’ve been trying to eat organic as much as possible, so instead of my usual recipe I bought a boxed organic mix from Simply Organic. What a fabulous choice because it smelled fabulous while I was mixing it, it tastes delicious, and I knew that I was eating something without nasty added chemicals and pesticides.

When I emptied the mix into my bowl, all I smelled was cinnamon and it was mouthwatering.

I started with Simply Organic’s Banana Bread mix
and added two large eggs (I used organic eggs),
3/4 cups of water, and
2 medium ripe bananas, smashed up.
Then I stirred the ingredients until they were moistened evenly
and poured the mix into a 9 x 4 greased loaf pan. (Well, the closest thing I had to 9 x 4.)

 And after baking for 50 minutes, I ended up with delicious, healthy banana bread!

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