Cocktails & Characters: Fallen’s Fallen Angels

In researching Fallen Angel drinks to go with Fallen by Lauren Kate, I kept finding mixes with gin. Which I detest. Completely. And I didn’t want a pink fruity Fallen Angel, because while that fits with Gabbe Givens, I do not think pink for Daniel Grigori, Cam Briel, Roland Sparks, Arriane Alter, or Molly Zane. Or most of the other fallen I’ve seen in Torment or Passion come to think of it. They may be angels, but if they wore a halo, it would be at least a little tarnished.

 Sooo, I decided to concoct my own Fallen Angel cocktail after finding one that had clear vodka and dark soda. I had some of the Blavod from last week leftover, and decided to go opposite the recipe by adding Sprite, which would allow me to enjoy the blackness of the vodka.

Basically, what you end up with is a vodka and Sprite that looks like a watered-down Pepsi. It has its dark side, like Daniel and crew when they refused to choose a side, but it tastes deliciously sweet.

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