Review: One for the Money (The Movie)

With a stellar cast that includes Katherine Heigl, Debbie Reynolds, and John Leguizamo, it’s no surprise that One for the Money was a really good time. The cast just has amazing chemistry and Debbie Reynolds steals every scene she is in while playing the role of Grandma Mazur.

The plot is based on Janet Evanovitch’s novel of the same name and follows Stephanie Plum (Heigl) as she makes a career move from a lingerie department manager at Macy’s to bounty hunter for her cousin Vinny. While this sounds exceedingly hokey and turned me off from the book for awhile, it actually works and provides the comedy necessary to move the plot along without the film turning into an unbelievable waste of time. Heigl plays Plum with the right amount of toughness, stubbornness, and sweetness, and Daniel Sunjata and Jason O’Mara provide some nice eye candy for the ladies.

As a New Jersey native, one of my few problems with the movie is the accent. I don’t know who coached Heigl for this film, but that is not how central New Jerseyians speak. I also felt that the movie leaned a bit too much toward comedy and left out some of the more tense scenes. Or, made the scenes funnier. The book had a better mix of funny and dead-serious-urgency that would have been nice to see played out on screen. But, it probably would not have mixed well with Heigl’s campy accent.

All-in-all, One for the Money is a fun, crowd pleasing movie. It’s not amazing, but you will definitely laugh and it’s not long–91 minutes.

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