Lauren Oliver Announces E-Novella

Fans of Lauren Oliver’s Delirium know that Hana is Lena’s friend, confidante, and running partner. What you don’t know about Hana is her story–there’s more to her than well-to-do parents, a good pairing, and an easy life living in the West End. But with yesterday’s announcement, Oliver is changing all that.

On her blog, Oliver mentioned the e-novella, Hana, but would only tease that is give us Hana’s story, will be out at some point this month, and will most likely be free. We had to wait until today for more detail.

This morning we have learned that Hana will be free–but only if enough people pre-order Pandemonium. Once Oliver’s goal is met, Hana will go up on for four days of free reading starting with Valentine’s Day. Even if her fans don’t meet her pre-order goal, we will still get the e-novella for free on February 14th, even if it’s just for a day.

Check out Lauren Oliver talk about Hanna, her story, and how to read it for free below.


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