video Revisiting Breaking Dawn

This weekend I spent a night with some of my favorite ladies to watch the newly released Breaking Dawn DVD. And, while it has it’s not so fab parts (hello wolves with voices like Optimus Prime), Breaking Dawn really is the best of the Twilight Saga movies thus far. Bill Condon brought out the best in each actor–Taylor Lautner’s performance still makes me tear up and Kristen nails the death look. Even Julia Jones, who is given almost no time for her part in the story, nails her desperation to get away from Sam and his imprintee.

What really surprises me about how much I enjoyed this movie is how much I hated the book. Though it was really just the ending of the book that I had a problem with, I was cool with the Jacob section and I obviously adored the wedding and honeymoon parts.

So, in honor of my Breaking Dawn weekend, here’s Hillywood’s parody.


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