Review: Forsaken Harbor by Laura Kreitzer

Politics, romance, and adventure fill the pages of Laura Kreitzer’s Forsaken Harbor, the second book in her Summer Chronicles series.

The story picks up only two hours after the ending of Phantom Universe, the series’ first novel, and is packed with action. Summer, Gage, Landon, and the rest of her entourage are either on the move or getting into trouble throughout the story. Various governments and political organizations would like to use Summer to their advantage and the politics of the various federations and other groups, like the Secret Clock Society, are one of the focuses of Forsaken Harbor‘s beginning. The conflict between the governments as they jockey for Summer provide enough conflict to set up many of the larger themes explored in the story.

Summer gains strength, both physically and emotionally, as the novel progresses and her interactions with the leaders of the political organizations and her friends provide her with the experience and security necessary to feel comfortable pushing her limits and doing things that will surprise you as much as they surprise the characters in the book.

Another Secret Clock Society creation, Julian, is added to the list of Summer’s admirers and provides enough tension to keep Summer and Gage’s romance from growing with too much ease. Julian is also able to fill the group in on the Secret Clock Society’s plans and provides some of the first hints at what we can expect from Forsaken Harbor is–and it ain’t pretty.

Sprinkled throughout the book are “recordings” made by unidentified characters that highlight some rather nefarious characters. These snippets help create an air of mystery throughout the story that builds into excitement as you realize what is unfolding.

Even if you haven’t read Phantom Universe (though it is recommended–it’s a good story), you can easily follow Forsaken Harbor. Just enough back story is provided to keep readers who have skipped book one up to speed, but Kreitzer does not provide so much detail that it becomes cumbersome for anyone familiar with the previous plot. (Phantom Universe can currently be read on Goodsreads for free and can be downloaded for Nooks for free.)

If you’re looking for a fairly fast-paced novel with a main character that accomplishes a lifetime’s worth of personal growth, then Forsaken Harbor is for you.

4 stars


The Secret Clock Society has infiltrated every aspect of the government. You can’t hide from them, you can’t out run them—the only choice is to surrender or die fighting. Well, Summer’s found her voice and her confidence. She’ll fight if necessary, but for now she’s on the run. And the only place that can offer her refuge is the one city that’s been devastated with disease and death. Full of savages, Forsaken Harbor holds her life on the edge of a knife. Is there still hope to be found here after all? Or will survival mean savagery?

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Laura Kreitzer is an author, editor, reviewer, and publisher who hails from western Kentucky. After some disheartening experiences while getting her first novel published, Laura decided to found Revolution Publishing, a corporation that seeks the best and brightest online fiction writers. While writing was always favorite hobby, she previously worked full-time in a lab devoted to water dye-tracing investigations at Western Kentucky University.

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