image More Cover Love: The Darkest Minds The Red Pyramid Graphic Novel, Alex Van Helsing, and more

Alexandra Bracken is also having a giveaway for a slew of ARCs. Click her book cover for details on the giveaway and how everything on the cover pertains to the story in some kind of cool way.

I’m as big of a fan of Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles as I am of his Percy Jackson and Olympus books. Can’t wait to see how The Red Pyramid is adapted into a graphic novel.

The third title in the A;ex Van Helsing series.

Who hasn’t posted Ally Condie’s latest cover reveal? Me, apparently, so here it is! (via Parajunkee)

Another cover that has made it’s rounds this past week: Rift from the Nightshade series. (via The Musings of almybnenr)

The Story Siren is also hosting a giveaway in coordination with the cover reveal.

There’s an interview and giveaway for this title on The Story Siren.

Helen Hidenbrand is celebrating the re-release and new cover of her title. (via A Diary of a Book Addict)


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