Bel Ami & City of Bones Movie News

Cassandra Clare spent part of yesterday meeting with an exec at Constantin, the two screenwriters, and City of Bones director (who she has not named, but was impressed by) and was able to post some movie news on her tumblr. She confirmed that Lily Collins is still on board, despite her super busy schedule, and that filming will start on August 15th! She also gave some casting updates that are really non-news, but nice to know. Constantin is looking for a casting director so they can nail down the rest if the cast, And, apparently Lily has a “meaningful consultation” clause in her contract, which basically means that her opinion on who’s cast for Jace and Simon matters. Jamie Campbell Bower has already cast as Jace, and now Lily has a favorite for Simon and, according to Cassie, it’s someone

that a lot of you all like.

I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for this casting because Simon is my favorite character, so let’s hope it’s someone I approve of!

Big Bel Ami news was announced yesterday, too. Robert Pattinson fans everywhere have been anxiously awaiting a US release date for this film, with many wondering if it would hit the US in theaters at all. But lo and behold, the date has finally been announced–June 8th! Hopefully the other big names in the cast, like Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, and Kristin Scott Thomas, will ensure a run in theaters that isn’t completely limited to indies.


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