One to Watch: Hope by Victoria Ferrante

H: Hope: A Novel by Victoria Ferrante

April is National Autism Month. Find out more about this often misunderstood condition through Victoria Ferrante’s Hope: A Novel.

As a nurse hands Christina Borysowski her newborn daughter, joy fills the new mother’s heart. With wonder, she lovingly admires the baby she has named Hope. Her body tingles with excitement and fear. Hours later, Hope’s eyes open to reveal spectacular turquoise irises. Christina has no idea that months later, the sparkle and life will abandon those beautiful eyes, the gaze will turn inward, and Hope will lose all interest in the world.
Years later, life cannot get any worse for Christina Borysowski and her profoundly autistic daughter. With Hope destined for a future that promises nothing but bleakness, isolation, and likely institutionalization, Christina paddles alone against the strong tides of prejudice, misunderstanding, and fear. To compound matters, there is much more at stake than just Hope’s wellbeing. Christina is barely hanging on. In a desperate quest to find peace for both Hope and herself, Christina is left with an agonizing choice that will determine the future for both of them.
In this eye-opening and poignant story about autism and its tragic human cost, one woman takes an unimaginable journey through hopelessness to discover an intense love that drives her to make the unthinkable a reality.

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Like the protagonist of her story, Victoria Ferrante is the mother of a profoundly autistic daughter. She also has a son with Asperger’s syndrome. She and her husband, Tim, have been married for twenty years. They live in Howland, Ohio with their children and beagle.

Prior to her daughter’s birth, Victoria taught high school. After her daughter’s diagnosis at age 2, autism and her daughter became the focus of the author’s life. She traveled to the Option Institute in Sheffield, Massachusetts where she learned the Son-Rise Program of interacting with autistic children. She ran a home-based early intervention program for her daughter for three years based on this method. She has investigated every imaginable theory and treatment for autism that have come to her attention in the last fifteen years. She believes the ones that work the best include patience, love, and acceptance.

Victoria Ferrante has been writing poetry, plays, and stories since she was seven years old. Hope is the first work she has published.

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