Pintrest Is My Time Suck

P: Pintrest

There is no greater time suck for me than Pintrest. The images pinned on my friends’ boards make me feel like a ferret surrounded by shiny things; I need to take and hide them all. Well, not hide, but pin to one of my boards, yes, definitely. Soft, fluffy doggie pix? Yes, please! Pretty storefront for a business I’ll never considering owning? Hell yeah! From glass bottles to hair styles to recipes to dream house furniture, Pintrest has it all and I have a board for it. Here are the last 3 things I’ve pinned:

How could I resist James Marsden? Well, I couldn’t!

If only my closet was this neat…

Can this little pooch be any cuter? If so, rest assured that I’ll pin that picture too.



  1. I just started pinterest yesterday and I’m so lost. lol I think I have to make more albums and figure out how to pin. I have my pin it button but really don’t know what to do after that. lol

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