Giveaway from Pretty Amy Author Lisa Burstein

R: Reliving Your Prom

If the spring reminds you of that magical night you dressed like a princess (or prince) and danced the night away, have fun reliving your high school prom with Lisa Burstein’s giveaway leading up to the release of her debut novel, Pretty Amy, on May 17th. The story begins with on a prom-night-gone-wrong as Amy learns that while you can’t control the weather, your date’s breath, or the whims of the police, you can at least control how you look.  Lisa, her publicist, and members of Entangled, her publishing house, are posting their old prom pictures on her Facebook page–you should post yours, too!

Anyone going to the prom (or a college formal) this year should enter Lisa’s prom dress giveaway to win one of 3 Phoebe Couture size 8 dresses donated by Kay Unger or 2 $20 Sephora cards. The giveaway ends on release day, May 17th.

If dressing up isn’t your thing, relive your prom by reading Pretty Amy. There is a giveaway for one of 2 signed copies happening on Goodreads right now until May 7th.


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