Review: Looking For Alaska by John Green

Y: Young Adult Book Review

After reading John Green’s amazing The Fault in Our Stars (read my review here), I jumped into his other works. I began with his first novel Looking for Alaska.  While this initial novel is no The Fault in Our Stars, the writing style I have come to love and the idiosyncrasies of John Green’s characters were there.

The novel’s protagonist, Miles Halter, has a knack for memorizing famous last words and is on a personal quest for what he refers to as the ” Great Perhaps.” He leaves his small town for boarding school to seek this out. There he meets his roommate, The Colonel, and dorm-mate and love interest, Alaska Young.  Miles is not so much pulled in,but rushes head first into the “Great Perhaps” of  The Colonel’s epic plots and schemes and into Alaska’s screwed up universe.

I seem to love all of John Green’s main characters, and Miles is no exception.  His newly acquired best friend, The Colonel, is more than a side kick, but flushed out almost as much as our main character.  As for Alaska, her sometimes erratic behavior irritated me at times, but I still found her just as interesting and intriguing as Miles does.

I thoroughly enjoyed Looking for Alaska because it contained all the hallmarks of John Green’s writing that I love: his general writing style and character development. While Green’s writing has progressed from his earlier works to his latest novel, The Fault in Our Stars, I still highly recommend this book.

4 stars


  1. I need to read The Fault in Our Stars because I really didn’t like Looking for Alaska. I believe he’s a good author though so I need to give him another chance!

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