The Muppets in Fairy Tales

BOOM! Studios is releasing the Muppets as characters in some of our most beloved fairy tales and Arthurian legends. In the recreation of Snow White, the cast includes the fabulous Miss Piggy as the evil Queen, Muppet newcomer Spamela Hamderson (really?!) as Snow White, and Animal and his band as the Dwarves.

Muppet Robin Hood features Kermit the Frog as Robin of Loxley, Sam the Eagle as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Gonzo as Sir Guy of Gisbourne, Miss Piggy as Maid Marian, Fozzie as Friar Tuck, Sweetums as Little John,  Squirt as Robin the Frog, Rowlf the Dog Alan-a-Dale, and Scooter as Much, the miller’s son.

The cast of Muppet King Arthur includes Kermit the Frog as King Arthur, Squirt as Mordred, Miss Piggy as Morgan le Fey, and Janice as The Lady of the Lake among others.

Recreations of fairy tales would not be complete without a Muppets Peter Pan. Peter Pan is played by Kermit the Frog, Piggytink (Tinkerbell) is Miss Piggy, Captain Hook is Gonzo, Wendy Darling is Janice, John Darling is Scooter, and Michael Darling is Bean Bunny.

The most recent title released is Muppets Sherlock Holmes which features Gonzo as Holmes and Fozzie as Watson.

For more images check out My Modern Met, Uniblog, and Illuminations and Other Stuff.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Templar Knight and commented:
    I had to re-blog this – the sight of Miss Piggy as the evil queen made me giggle. Fairy stories are rooted in the medieval world and even before that. It’s worth going back to the original pre-Grimm versions of many of our favourite fairy stories to find the de-sanitised and often quite horrible themes they were pushing – very Freudian!

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