Baking Organic Brownies

Last weekend I got in a baking mood and decided if I was going to eat a bunch of crap, it might as well be organic. So I broke out a box of Simply Organic Cocoa Brownie Mix and got my butt in the kitchen.

Setting up and gathering ingredients was easy. I just preheated the oven,

melted some butter,

greased an 8 x 8 brownie pan, and took out some eggs.

I lightly beat the eggs,
then I combined them with the butter.
The brownie mix was added next and mixed until it was moist.
After the mixing was finished up, I moved the batter into the brownie pan. Making it even was pretty difficult. The batter was less moist than I had anticipated and very sticky.
Once they were baked, I let the brownies cool and cut them into delicious squares. They were a little drier and crumblier than I thought they would be, but the were delicious! Nom, nom, nom, nom!

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