Interview with ‘Blood and Guitars’ Author Heather Jensen

Get to know Heather Jensen, the author of Blood and Guitars, in this quick Q&A.

Vampires or witches?
Vampires all the way.
Rock music or pop?
Do I have to choose? Pop rock … lol.
Painting or sculpture?
Warm weather or cold weather?
Warm. I live in 115+ during the summer.
Vanilla or chocolate?
Do you begin a new novel with a character idea or a plot idea?
Plot idea.
Writing to music or writing in a quiet environment?
Music is a must-have!
Spending free time outside or inside?
Outside, except for when it’s 115+.
Morning or night?
Night. I do my best writing on the other side of Midnight.
Mac or PC?

About Heather Jensen

Heather Jensen writes paranormal fantasy for teens and adults. She began writing her first book at the age of 16. She is an avid reader and loves anything vampire-related, but likes all kinds of fantasy. When she’s not writing she enjoys traveling, listening to music, going to concerts, playing guitar and spending time with friends and family.

She is addicted to Oreos and White Knight drinks from Perks. Her favorite color is green and the uglier the shade the better.

Heather lives in Southern Utah with her husband and son where she continues to write the Blood And Guitars series.

The second book in the series, Immortals And Melodies has just been released on Kindle.

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About Blood and Guitars

When Aurora meets Trey, a famous singer and musician, she’s only hoping to get her fill of human blood for the week. The last thing

Aurora expects is for Trey to make her feel alive for the first time since she was, well, alive.

It begins with a casual painting lesson at her art studio, The Waking Moon, and quickly turns into a forbidden romance. Aurora is forced to hide her true identity from Trey, while keeping her relationship with the human a secret from other vampires in her Brood. Trey’s band is recording a new album and with Aurora as his muse, Trey is writing songs like never before.

After being hired by their record label to paint the album cover, Aurora has a legitimate reason for spending so much time with Trey and his band mates. Aurora can’t deny the unexpected connection she has with Trey, which is fueled by glimpses into his emotions every time they share a kiss.

Caught between two worlds, Aurora must attend celebrity award shows and vampire rituals, find time to feed, and protect Trey from the dangers of the night, all while preserving her secrets.

Find Blood and Guitars

Amazon     Facebook     Website



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