Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent, book 2 in a  dystopian series by Veronica Roth,  picks up where her first book, Divergent, left off.  In Insurgent, we continue to follow Tris Prior, whose world now hinges on the cusp of war after her own painful losses at the end of the last novel. Also joining Tris is her boyfriend, Four, and many old and new Faction members. Here we see Tris deal with grief, guilt, and uncertainty about loyalties.
Tris and Four’s relationship evolves slowly throughout their trials and tribulations. There are times when you can feel their stubbornness roll off the page, but the love is evident. Part of their troubles stem from Four’s present and past coming back to haunt him. Tris also comes to know herself better and see herself more clearly.
Tris learns more about being Divergent, which the author describes in a neurobiological sense. The culmination of this novel comes to a head in which Tris must choose between love, loyalty, and intuition. In order to leave the revelation unspoiled, I will say that it appeared to be a matter of good intentions with negative outcomes due to human nature.
Although I am a sucker for first novels where we learn origin and meet the characters, I believe I may have liked this book even more than the first.  I flew through Insurgent in two and a half nights and am eagerly anticipating the third.

One comment

  1. I loved Insurgent too! Usually I find that the first book in a series rocks and the second one is great but maybe not as good as the first. Not in this case! Insurgent was every bit as good as Divergent.

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