Review and Giveaway: Royally BeSwitched by Molly Snow

Molly Snow’s third installment in the BeSwitched series picks up right where BeSwitched Witch left off–with Surla and Jax transported to France in the 1730. Surla is back in her cat form, but she still has feelings for Jax that must be resolved. In addition to her own romantic troubles, Surla must step in to help insure that Jax’s family line continues as it should. Prince Nicholas Morreau and a maid named Noella are not falling in love like they are supposed to so our feline heroine must become BeSwitched with Noella and woo the Prince. Blocking her efforts are an evil witch named Esme and Sinclair, a member of the King’s council.

Finding out about Jax’s heritage and Surla’s past added a lot more dimension to the characters as we watch them grow and develop throughout the story. Cathy fans will be disappointed that she is not in this novel, but I am sure she will pop back up as the series continues. New villains accompany the new setting, and Esme and Sinclair are wonderfully written.

Snow keeps the playful, fun tone found in the previous BeSwitched stories, but you also see her writing develop in Royally BeSwitched. Any middle grade or young adult reader will enjoy this installment of the series.

4 stars

An Excerpt from Royally BeSwitched

When Surla switches bodies with Noella, a maidservant, she goes to meet Prince Nicolas in an orange grove. Everyone’s hope is that he falls in love with her… Only, things don’t happen according to plan. Enjoy this sneak peek:

Surla jogged toward the grove and turned a moment to wave at Idis in the distance, who waved back. The pungent citrus scent filled her nostrils and she smiled in excitement. She peered around, not seeing any sign of the prince or his horse, until she looked down to the soft earth—fresh hoof prints.

“Did I just miss him?” She spun around and her eyebrows furrowed in worry.

What was that? A flicker… A movement. She could feel the weight of a sudden darkness lay over her. It chilled her to her bones.

A ghostly witch head with black holes for eyes and a slithering tongue came shrieking toward her. A scream rang out, and Surla realized the sound came from her own throat. The force of the apparition seeping through Surla’s chest knocked her on her back.

Lying there, in some rotting leaves, a surge of adrenaline coursed through her body and cast out all fear. Surla called out in fury, “This isn’t my first encounter with black magic, you hag!”

There was the shriek again! But there was no way for Surla to determine from where it came. It seemed as if it was now from every corner of the sky. She put her arms over her face and waited for the next blow… but it never came.

She spent what felt like an infinite amount of time lying there, watching, breathing, wondering and waiting.

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