gallery Alice in Wonderland in Real Life

On my latest jaunt through etsy, I found some really cute Alice in Wonderland-related items. It’s not all t-shirts and necklaces–who knew?

Wearing an Alice-replica dress is only appropriate for Halloween. But, this adorable apron is perfect for the rest of the year.
Too many stripes and you’ll look like a demented candy cane, but this hoody has the right amount and cute cat ears. You bring the smile.
Originally, I was looking for a cool hookah, because who in their right mind is dressing like a caterpillar? And then I found the Dogerpillar. I usually am against animals in clothes, but I can make an exception for this costume. It even glows in the dark 😀
Sometimes it takes a bit more than tea to get you through the day.
I’ve always LOVED croquet, even before I saw Alice in Wonderland. When I was little, I played with a set that looked almost exactly like this one.

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