Coldplay Kicks Ass

Friday night we saw Coldplay at the IZOD Center (Brendan Byrne Arena to other old-timers like us), and it is hard to find words to describe how amazing the show was. It was gorgeous and energizing and the band was phenomenal.

The set, most of the props, and the band’s clothes were glow in the dark.
Wristbands in a variety of colors were handed out to everyone in the audience.
When the music started, the band of the wristband lit up so the audience looked like a galaxy of multicolored stars. The glow would pulse to the beat of the music.

They opened with Hurts Like Heaven.
During In My Place (the second song) confetti was shot out at the audience. It also rained down from the ceiling.

During Lovers in Japan, beach balls were released over the audience on the floor.
The band would venture down the runway and play in the X.
During one of the songs, glow-in-the-dark balloon were positioned thoughout the audience.

Of course, the stage lights turned yellow for Yellow.

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