Review: My Name Is Jake by Jennifer Turner

My Name Is Jake is a children’s book that focuses on the -ake word family. Author Jennifer Turner has the main character, a little boy named –you guessed it– Jake, perform a new action centered around an -ake word on each page. Jake does everyday activities that children will find relatable, like baking cupcakes. The -ake words are shown in bold, so emerging readers will have an easier time identifying and sounding them out.

Illustrator Susan Bell created bright images of Jake and his friends that draw the eye to the page and will interest children.

While it would have been a little more interesting to have an actual story rather than a list of activities Jake does and does not like, children will enjoy the words and pictures. My Name Is Jake would be a colorful addition to any child’s library.

Genre: Easy Reader/Children

4 stars

About My Name Is Jake

My Name is Jake is a colorfully illustrated, rhyming book for kids centered around a boy named Jake. Each page leads the reader through an activity that rhymes with Jake. Rhyming books for kids are perfect for young children, or early readers just beginning to put letters into words and rhyming them together. Find My Name Is Jake on Amazon as a paperback or an ebook for Kindles.

About the Author

Jennifer Turner was inspired to start writing children’s books after developing a love for children’s literature while reading to her young children. She wrote My Name is Jake in her head while taking her infant daughter on long walks in her stroller. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. Jennifer loves reading to her children and watching them grow, yoga, bike rides with her family, and chai lattes. For more information on Jennifer and her book, visit the Peaks Press website.


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