Review: Journal Toward Your Joy by Robin Lindsey

In a society that demands you be available to practically everyone at all times, it can be easy to stress out or get overwhelmed and lose focus of what makes you happy as you jump from one daily task to the next. If you need a quick break that helps you find your happy place again, try taking a personal retreat with Robyn Lindsey’s second guided journaling workbook, Journal Toward Your Joy.

Journal Toward Your Joy provides 30 prompts that direct you to look at what happiness means to you, who and what help you become joyful, and how to incorporate it into your life. While the prompts are meant to be done over 10 weeks, you can do one every day for a month if you prefer as long as you write at least 3 pages per sitting. Plenty of writing space is given for each prompt, so you will have to trouble writing at least the required amount if not more.

Part of the trick to making this program work for you to do stream of conscious writing, which basically means that you don;t spend too much time thinking about what you will write and just go ahead and put it down on paper. No one else is reading your answers, so spelling, sentence structure, grammar, etc. don’t matter. You don’t need to plot out what you want to say, just go ahead and say it.

At the end of each question’s journaling section, Lindsey has included an inspirational quote about joy to help motivate you and tips at the beginning of the book. A short section with references to websites or books about joy would have been a nice addition, but since the journaling is really the meat of the program, it is not necessary.

Robyn Lindsey has provided a pretty comprehensive program for anyone who wants some guided self-reflection and the opportunity to brush of some of the weariness that can occur from running through your day-to-day life.

Genre: Self-help

4 stars

If you are dealing with grief, check out her journal program to help you deal.

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About the Author

Robyn Lindsey is a Certified Life Coach who lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with the love of her life, one of her sons, and a cat. She loves writing and photography.

After the deaths of three family members in one year, Robyn created an online Artist Empowerment Class and discovered her personal calling to reach out to other women and help them overcome their barriers. She realized through teaching this class and through blogging about her difficulties, that she has a gift to help others.

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One comment

  1. Robyn is one of those unconditionally supportive personalities who gentley pushes you to sttetch your comfort zone. Her presence in my life is so valued and important…not to mention you two amazing Jersey girls!! So grateful.

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