The Nook HD and HD+

Barnes & Noble has announced its newest additions to the Nook line.

Nook HD+
16GB $269
32GB $299

Its flagship product is the Nook HD+ with a whopping 9-inch screen, (I I have a Nook and compared to its 6 inches, 9 seems ginormous!) and, as the name implies, the display is high def. Even though its screen real estate has grown, its weight isn’t too bad at 18 ounces. An awesome screen with crappy sound would make the HD+ a total fail though, so it comes with surround sound.

Like its competitors, the Nook HD+ is much more than just an ereader. It still comes with Wi-Fi built-in and a slew of apps and games to help you procrastinate. Families will like the new profile feature that lets up to 6 people create separate profiles on the device. Then you can keep your books, movies, and music separate from your brother’s. Not enough storage on your tablet? Nook has jumped onto the cloud bandwagon with the aptly named Nook Cloud.

Nook HD
8GB $199
16GB $229

The other less-exciting-but-still-nice tablet B&N announced is the Nook HD. Without a plus in your Nook’s name, you move down to a 7-inch display (it’s still HD, though), an 11-ounce weight, and dual-stereo speakers. But, it’s not all a loss: you gain a half hour of reading time battery life and you get to choose from a white (Snow) or gray (Smoke) tablet.

Both releases include the Nook Cloud service, multiple profiles, and a power adapter.

I’m not in the market for an upgrade yet, but I really only use my ereader as, well, an ereader so I’m not as impressed by all the bells and whistles on these as a real gadget head might be. Is anyone planning on buying one of the Nook HDs?


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