Giveaway, Virtual Signing, and Interview with Junco Coot, Star of the ‘I Am Just Junco Dot Com’ Series

Junco Coot, the kick-butt assassin for the Rural Republic military and leading lady in Clutch, discusses growing up in a military family, hotties Tier and Gideon, and her surprising work with the mob.

What was growing up in the Rural Republic like?

Well, if you like hot semi-desert scrubland, mixed in with tall grass and mountains, it’s heaven.  I loved it. I loved my Council and I loved my people.  Sure, they did some crazy stuff out there, but it was home.

Can you tell us a little about your family?

My father was the commander of the Rural Republic military.  My mother, well, she’s something else altogether. We don’t talk about her much, she’s a little on the crazy side.  You know, like that weird aunt everyone has…that’s my mother.  Except weird as in psycho, not weird as in isn’t she cute, that little weird lady?

What kinds of training did you go through to be a part of the Rural Republic’s military?

This is absolutely top secret.  If I told ya, I’d have to…you get the idea.

If you weren’t a sniper, what would be doing instead?

If I was still in the RR, I hope I’d be married with kids by now.  Just living a quiet life being normal, that’s what I’d be doing.

What are you passionate about?

Weapons.  I realize that’s weird, but I can’t help it.  They excite me.   And piano.  That keeps me sane.  And Tier, he’s hot.  Hmmm, maybe Tier should go first?

What was the scariest moment of your life?

Wow, now that is a good one. Scariest moment…there’ve been a lot of those but I’d probably pick the day Gideon came home near death when I was sixteen.  Fights I can handle.  Wild animals, no problem. War, OK – I’m good with war.  But my BFF dying on me? Just the thought makes me hyperventilate.

What was the happiest?

Learning that Gid would live. And my first kiss with Tier. It’s hard to choose, they’re about equal.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m full of surprises, but one that no one knows about (yet) is that I spent my entire senior year of cadets as a professional hit-girl for the Texican Mafia.

If you could apologize to anyone from your past, who would it be?

There are too many to list. I pretty much owe everyone an apology. Even myself.

If you were going to be stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things with you, what would you bring?

  1. A sharp knife
  2. Tier
  3. Gideon

That would not end well, would it?  Tier and Gid on an island together!  Bahahahaaaa…I envision death match fights daily.  At least we wouldn’t be bored!

About Clutch (I Am Just Junco Dot Com #1)

In 2152 the avian race is on Earth looking for something stolen from them decades ago – their genetics. At the center of the search lies the Rural Republic; a small backwards farming country with high hopes of military domination and a penchant for illegal bioengineering.

19 year old Junco Coot is the daughter of the Rural Republic’s ranking commander. She’s the most foul-mouthed, wildly unpredictable and ruthless sniper the Rural Republic has ever trained. But when her father’s death sparks a trip into forbidden places, she triggers events that will change everything she knows to be true.

As an elite avian military officer, Tier’s mission is to destroy the bioengineering projects, kill Commander Coot’s daughter, and return home immediately. There’s just one problem. Junco isn’t who she claims to be.

With no one to trust, not even herself, Junco must confront the secrets of her past and accept her place in the future, or risk losing herself completely.

Genre: New Adult

Find Clutch on Amazon or Get a FREE copy of CLUTCH by J. A. Huss HERE.

About the Author

J. A. Huss never took a creative writing class in her life. Some would say it shows. Others might cut her some slack. She did however, get educated and graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Equine Science. She had grand dreams of getting a Ph.D. but while she loves science, she hated academia and settled for a M.S. in Forensic Toxicology from the University of Florida.

She’s always packing heat and she is owned by two donkeys, five dogs, more chickens and ducks than she can count, and of course, the real filthy animals, her kids. The I Am Just Junco series was born after falling in love with the ugliest part of Colorado and the Rural Republic is based on the area of the state she currently resides in, minus the mutants, of course.

Find J. A. Huss

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