Nicholas Sparks Creating 3 TV Shows

With his books, like The Notebook and Dear John, translating to the big screen well and making hi big bucks, Nicholas Sparks is taking the next step in moving from novels to screenplays. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the popular author is developing original programming for tv through his new venture, Nicholas Sparks Productions.

Sparks is working with Brandon Camp (the writer and director of Love Happens) to develop a show based on his novel, A Bend in the Road, for TNT. This romantic comedy will focus on the relationship between a recently widowed sherriff and his son’s second-grade teacher as the sheriff deals with problems in their coastal Georgia town as tourists come for the summer.

A modern-day take on Romeo and Juliet called The Falls has Sparks collaborating with John Norris (an executive producer for One Tree Hill) for ABC Family.

Sparks tackles historical drama with his development project for Lifetime. Deliverance Creek focuses on a woman struggling to protect her family in post-Civil War America. Sparks has teamed up with Melissa Carter (one of the writers for Little Black Book) for this venture.

In addition to his television development deals, Sparks has another movie adapted from one of his novels releasing in the beginning of next year. Safe Haven will star Josh Duhamel as a widower and Julianne Hough as a young woman forced to confront her mysterious past. The film is set to release on February 8, 2013.

But lovers of Sparks’ novels have no reason to worry–he will continue to write them. He told The Hollywood Reporter

he is still a novelist at heart and writing books is his first priority but that the “collaborative aspects” of TV are appealing. “It’s a chance to venture into stories I don’t always write about,” he says.

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