Breaking Dawn Part 2: The Perfect Ending

The Twilight books are what got me back into reading. After majoring in English and Art History in college, I was a little burnt out from the massive amount of reading the two majors required. After I entered the working world, I read a bit here and there, but nothing, until Twilight, captured my heart or attention for too long. And now it is over (sniff, sniff).

Breaking Dawn, Part 2 marks the end of the series. The books have long been finished and there are no more movies to be made unless Stephenie Meyer writes more. The work Bill Condon did on the Breaking Dawn movies is simply amazing and, while I love what all of the directors did with their interpretation of the books, I wish Condon had directed the entire series. The campiness is gone. The terrible hair, weird accents, and over and under acting is gone.

Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book in the series, mostly due to the flat out stupid way it ended. Spending half a book building up to an event that doesn’t happen is a ridiculous waste of everyone’s time. I expected to feel the same way about this movie, but Bill Condon has managed to make it better than the book. Granted, he tweaked it a bit so there is some actual fighting this time, but that tweak is what I wanted in the book and never got. The tribute at the end of the movie before the credits was beautifully done, as well. Condon clearly understood what this movie meant to the fans and he delivered on every level.

It is sad to see something that was so important to so many people end. I cannot thank Stephenie Meyer enough for getting those words down on the page. Without them, my love of reading may not have been renewed and I certainly would not have met the wonderful group of women I bonded with  or had any of our excellent adventures (Forks, conventions, signings).


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