Review: Fashion Angels Tapefitti Awesome Robots Set

Fashion Angels saved my butt by sending me this tape pack. I was having my boyfriends’ daughters over the next day and needed something to occupy them. I was about to go to the store when lo and behold a mystery package arrived. (The package also contained a set of Color Rox Hair Chox, which I’ll review another time.)

The Awesome Robots Set includes 6 rolls of mini tape. Each roll is a different color and pattern and the girls loved them all. They basically used them for tape art on paper, but the tape is thick enough to be used to almost any craft, like bracelets. Because it was so thick, the tape was a little hard for the younger girls to pull off the dispenser, but they are also way under the 8+ years recommended for the product, so I can’t really complain about it.

amazeballsTapefitti Sets come in 2 other styles, plus Monster High and Barbie designs. All sets are $3.99.

If you’re looking for a cute stocking stuffer, a portable crafting activity, or just something a little different, the Tapefitti sets are a great choice.

5 stars

Company Info: Fashion Angels

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