Review: Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox

The Color Rox Hair Chox set is fun way to add some temporary color to your hair. I tested it out with 7, 4, and 3 year-old girls who have chalked their hair with sidewalk chalk and were excited to try something actually designed for hair.

Included in the set a 5 hair color chox: pink, orange, blue, purple, and green; 24 beads, 24 hair elastics, 5 grips, a threader, and instructions. The instructions were easy to follow and pretty helpful. They included a couple of tips on how to get the chox to work if you run them on hair and no color is left behind, thankfully, because it turns out I needed them.

My little ladies were very excited to start, but even though I wet the chalk and rubbed it on a paper towel to get the color going, I could not get the color to show up on my first friend’s hair. I thought it might just be that her black hair was too dark for the blue chalk, but none of the colors would show and I had a very annoyed 3-year old on my hands (not a good time!). Eventually, I moved on to the 4 year-old and, with a lot of hard pressing that I was afraid would hurt her, the chalk began working. Huzzah! Once it got going, the chox were easy to use and the color showed up easily on black and light brown hair.

After spending so much time getting the chox going, the girls didn’t want to use the beads so we’ll save that for another time. The were thrilled with the color and their hair looked really good. It is rated for children 8 and up, which seems pretty accurate. A younger child wouldn’t be able to get the chalk going and would have a hard time applying it. It’s cake for anyone a little older. It also washed out easily, so there’s no worries of perma-green hair.

If I didn’t have so much trouble getting the chox to leave color on the girls’ hair, I would have given this set 5 stars. It’s cute and easy to use, but I had to drop it down a bit because that initial snafu almost ruined our afternoon.

3 stars

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