‘Cities of Legend’ Facebook Game

Can’t wait until January 29th so you can get your hands on Legend, Marie Lu’s sequel to Prodigy? Keep yourself immersed in the Republic until then by playng Lu’s Cities of Legend Facebook game.

Cities of Legend is a prequel to the books even though Lu, who worked for video game developers before becoming a writer, wrote Prodigy and developed Cities at the same time. According to Publisher’s Weekly, Lu was able to “draw energy from each” as she completed both projects.

When you play the game, you are actually part of the story and Lu immerses you in the plot right from the get-go. As you set up your character, you decide if you will fight with the Republic or the Rebels and choose from the 5 characters from the side you chose. Your next step is to fight by solving puzzles and playing games, like Connect 4, but there are also 5 missions you can complete. There are over 20 futuristic versions of real-world locations given a war-torn revamp. New community features and social enhancements will be added.

As the trilogy continues, Lu will update the game’s story line. For instance, new characters, locations, missions, and power ups will be available closer to Prodigy‘s release next month.

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