Jeffe Kennedy to Write ‘Master of the Masks’

Fans of Rogue’s PawnHunting the Siren, and Jeffe Kennedy’s other novels will be pleased to learn that the author has just signed a deal to write a series that revamps Phantom of the Opera.

Tentatively called Master of the Masks (on her blog, Jeffe said the title would likely change), the series will be set in modern day Santa Fe and will be the flagship project for eKensington’s new e-serial line. Not much else has been revealed about the series so far, but we do know that the first book will publish in 2013 and, even though it was described as being 3 books, the series will be broken into 6 installments. Whether that means that each novel will be broken into 2 parts or whether the number of parts will vary per book remains to be seen.

Jeffe is known for sexy, fun stories and it sounds like Master of the Masks will not disappoint. It will be erotic (BDSM was mentioned in the description), but Jeffe said that it will not be hardcore. There will be romance and paranormal elements, as well.


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