Carrie Ryan Will Write a New Series

While she may be best known for her YA series The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Carrie Ryan has moved to writing for middle-grade readers. Ryan joined the team of authors writing the Infinity Ring series and her newest series, The Pirate Stream, is for middle grade, as well.

Ryan will write The Pirate Stream with her husband, JP Davis. By day, Davis is a public defender, but, having published short stories, The Pirate Stream is not his first foray into the writing world.

Don’t expect Little, Brown to release the first book in the series, titled The Map to Everywhere, until the Fall of 2014. Since there’s a considerable amount of time until launch, there isn’t a lot of info about the series or its first book yet. According to Publisher’s Weekly, “The new series follows two children who wind up on a boat as stowaways, traveling between two worlds; they are hunting a map that can lead them away from their predicament.”

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